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The Scottish Highlands, Snowdonia, The Lake District, The Himalayas and Everest
by Ian Evans
A Distinctive Style

I am passionate about, and dedicated to, the capture of classic, natural and traditional views of mountains in the very best of conditions. When out on location I keep my use of creative filters to the absolute minimum, and I carry out only the most basic post-capture corrective work in the studio. A print you buy from me will genuinely reflect the view that I saw on the day I took the picture.

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Print & Frame Quality

My images were captured on professional film or high resolution digital cameras before painstakingly reproduced onto superb professional Hahnemühle Fine Art papers. My frames are also of the highest quality; the mouldings I offer have been carefully chosen to work well with all my images and they are manufactured and assembled by Fine Art Trade Guild craftsmen.

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Personal Attention & Guarantee

I have been publishing mountain prints since 1983 and they are now sold exclusively from this website. Each and every order receives my personal attention ensuring that every customer enjoys a first class product and a friendly, efficient and secure service. I am always available and happy to discuss customers' requirements or their concerns before placing an order.

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Ben Nevis Dawn

This study of Ben Nevis was one of many I had considered for that autumn window of light when conditions both on the ground and in the sky can produce some very dramatic imagery. This was a cold morning; the overnight change in the prevailing winds from south-west to north-east had cleared the low level cloud to reveal an upper layer of cirrus - the combination of which was quite striking.

My original intention was to include the rising sun in the shot, but its eventual arrival behind the ridge of Ben Nevis was diffused by the cloud layers and that image was disappointing. The most interesting image of the morning was that of the pre-dawn rather than sunrise itself.

Photographic Details :-

Time of Year : October
Location Map Reference : 095766 : Corpach Pier. Time : 0735 GMT
Camera and Lens : Nikon D810, Nikon 24-70mm f2.8 G AF-S ED Lens @ 28mm.
Equipment : Gitzo tripod, Arca Swiss head, Lee 0.9 ND Soft Grad Filter.
Camera Settings : Shutter 1/60 sec, Aperture f11, ISO 100.

Ben Nevis Dawn
Aspect Ratio
Image Size*
Overall Framed Print Size **
Framed Print Price
780 x 260 mm
(30" x 10" approx)
1010 x 500mm
(40" x 20" approx)
£ 149
Small Panoramic
615 x 205 mm
(24" x 8" approx)
815 x 415mm
(32" x 16" approx)
£ 95
Tall Panoramic
610 x 305 mm
(24" x 12" approx)
830 x 535 mm
(33" x 21" approx)
£ 134
450 x 300 mm
(18" x 12" approx)
650 x 510 mm
(26" x 20" approx)
£ 95
375 x 250 mm
(15" x 10" approx)
575 x 460 mm
(23" x 18" approx)
£ 90

* Image Size refers to the precise size of the printed image.
** Overall Framed Print Size refers to the overall external dimensions of the finished framed print including the mount border and the frame.
This will vary depending upon the moulding selected and is approximate; the figures shown are based on 34mm wide 'Ebony'.
All prints are signed.

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